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IRS Transcript Management System

The original program that requests, downloads, and analyzes IRS Transcript Data to find opportunities and issues with your client’s taxes. The program interfaces with IRS e-Services.

THS Empowers Tax Professionals

Easy to Use

Setup takes less than 15 minutes. Our standard Intelli-Order feature identifies which transcripts to request for each taxpayer. more...

Proven Technology

Our users have downloaded over 300 million transcripts since 2013. More than from e-Services directly. more...

Improved Client Relationships

Finds missed refund opportunities improving client onboarding and follow ups. more...

Predictive Post Filing Compliance

Identifies audits & CP2000s six months or more in advance in addition to IRS Notices reducing off season isues saving payroll. more...


Program installs locally on your computer or server. The only product on the market that delivers the data directly to your computer from the IRS. more...

Increased Per Client Revenue

Use our included IRS Audit Detection and Account Tracking Product to generate thousands of dollars in passive income each tax season. more...

Easy To Use Graphic

Easy To Use

Quick To Start

Setup takes less than 15 minutes. Recorded tutorials and live support are available to answer any questions.

Intelli-Order Decides Which Transcripts To Request

With our decades experience THS analyzes each taxpayer's status and determines which transcripts need to be ordered.

Easy To Read Transcript Reports

THS converts the raw IRS transcript data into easy to understand reports for both tax professionals and tax payers.

Proven Technology Graphic

Proven Technology

We invented the irs transcript reports

THS created the first IRS transcript report in 2009 and by 2013 had downloaded and analyzed over 32 million transcripts.

OVER 300 million transcripts downloaded since 2014

More transcripts have been downloaded with THS than all the other methods combined including directly from the IRS website.

Recognized by the IRS

The IRS recognized transcript download programs in 2018 and designated these type of programs as Intermediate Service Providers (ISP). We routinely meet and provide input on the IRS online future state programs.

Improved Client Relationships

Simplified Client onboarding

Examine previous returns in minutes to calculate future fees, identify missed credits, and identify possible filing issues such as past non-compliance and high risk tax positions.

No more surprises for your clients

By monitoring your clients IRS account tax professionals can often be aware of notices and issues before the client receives that dreaded IRS love letter.

Improves client understanding of their tax position

The reports provide concise and simple analysis so tax professionals can better explain their client's tax position.

Predictive Post Filing Compliance

Like having a crystal ball for audits IRS notices

THS detects IRS exams and CP2000 six months in advance of the notice 95% of the time.

Identify underreported income as early as MAY

Our new CP2000 detector compares the reported wage data with the filed return data to determine if your clients underrported weeks after filing not a year later (saving 90% of the penalties and interest that normally accrues).

Tracks estimated payments

Our new payment tracker doesn't just alert you to payments made, but expected payments that are missed or misapplied.



Installed on your computer, network or server

You control where and who has access to all the transcript data. Save the transcripts on your local computer for limited access or save them on your cloud for company wide access. The choice is yours.

Most Secure Way to access transcripts

THS is more secure than accessing the IRS directly. The program connects directly to the IRS servers and vice versa with no intermediate servers to access the data. This completely eliminates the possibility of browser hijacking, phishing and other unauthorized access to your data.

No 7216 required

The only product on the market that does not have access to all of your clients data.


Increased Per Client Revenue

Included IRS Audit Detection & Account Tracking Product

Use our included IRS Audit Detection & Account Tracking Product to generate tens of thousands of dollars in passive income each tax season.

Identify Missed Credits And Other Refund Opportunities

Find additional refunds in prior returns through missed credits, deductions, First Time Penalty Abatements and much more.

Reduce Payroll

Spend less time in the off-season handling IRS Notices and other issues.

Detailed Product Information

Executive Product
How Many Installations Per Product License1
Checks if 2848/8821 has been processed by IRS
Requests and downloads IRS Transcripts instantly
Transcript Analysis Report
Tracks estimated payments and federal tax deposits
Checks your Client’s IRS Account for changes on their account: Audits, Liens, Collections, Significant Balance Changes, Compliance, and more.
Bulk import your clients from any tax software
Monitor all Individual & Business Client’s IRS Account Status From an Easy To Read Dashboard
Bulk Create 8821/2848
Intelligent Transcript Ordering (Software automatically determines which transcripts to request. For example; account transcripts on open years and years with issues at interval set by user example every week or every month)
IRS Form Generator (433s, 9465, 656) including IRS National Standardsoptional

Account Transcripts (Back to 1990)
Tax Return Transcripts (Last 4 years)
Wage & Income (Last 10 years)
Separate Assessments
(AKA Mirrored Accounts)
Civil Penalties

Detailed Tax Account Analysis
Detailed Bankruptcy Tax Discharge Analysisoptional
Bankruptcy Tolling Eventsoptional
Prior Bankruptcy Check
Audit/Examination Check
Collections Check
Active Lien Check
Penalty Check
CSED Calculations (1040 only)
CSED Calculations (Individual, Business, & Payroll)optional
Tax Returns Filed Check
Audit Red Flag Report
10 Year Wage & Income Analysis