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In 2010 I managed a large tax franchise in Atlanta that employed 15 Enrolled Agents. Everyday I observed the large amount of time spent requesting and waiting by a fax machine on the transcripts from the IRS. These transcripts are difficult to read, therefore even more time was spent organizing the data to find the tax issues and help the client. I attempted to buy a “Transcript Analyzer” product to reduce the amount of time it took to handle these tax issues. After hours of scouring the Internet, I realized that one did not exist. From that point Audit Detective began and has now evolved into an extensive analysis of tax data going back to 1990. Our users have downloaded over 300,000,000 IRS transcripts and processed over 1,000,000 Reports. We are constantly improving the product and open to suggestions from our users. Roger W. Nemeth, EA President & Inventor of Tax Help Software


Roger Nemeth


Roger has been doing taxes since 2006. During that time he has been the General Manager for a large franchise in Atlanta as well as a Technology Manager for several tax franchises. Roger obtained his Enrolled Agent Status in 2011. Roger is also an NTPI Fellow. Prior to getting into taxes Roger worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Leon County Florida for 8 years. Roger was injured in the line of duty and moved into the tax field. He was awarded the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart by the Florida Sheriff’s Association.


Laura Thompson


Laura has been in the tax preparation business since 1999. She became an Enrolled Agent in 2007. While employed with a large franchise she served as a Tax Preparer, Training Coordinator which included organizing IRS approved classroom events for Continuing Education for Enrolled Agents as well as all staff updates and software training. She became an Area Manager for 14 locations in 2012. This included training, hiring, tax support, responding and resolving customer service issues, technology set up and monitoring technology throughout the year, as well as login support for 85 locations. As an EA she became the primary support for the company’s foreign tax preparation, communications and inquiries. These duties were in addition to maintaining her 300 plus client base and resolution work.


Fred Sheriffs


Fred has been developing software solutions for a variety of industries for over 30 year. He became the Development Manager at Experity in 1998 managing the development effort for both product and custom software solutions. Starting in 2008 as Head of Mortgage Origination Technology for Deutsche Bank, he oversaw all software systems for mortgage origination and servicing. He joined Tax Defense Network in 2010 as Chief Technology Officer. While there he led the effort to develop a new suite of integrated systems that increased stability, scalability and data integrity. Fred help launch Tax Help Software after Tax Defense Network acquisition by HIG was completed. As CTO at THS, he continues to leverage technology to enable the success of business.

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