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Use Internet Explorer when using E-Services. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge can cause issues especially when registering or changing passwords.

E-Mail Support Available

IRS e-Services General FAQ​

IRS e-Services is a set of products that includes the Transcript Delivery System. There is more information here:

  1. Enrolled Agents
  2. CPA’s
  3. Attorneys
  4. Any tax professional who has an EFIN with at least 5 E-Filed tax returns.
  5. Be an assigned Delegated User of an entity or individual who has access. Click Here for info on assigning a Delegated User.

IRS e-Services Registration FAQ​

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Forgot Username under the Log In Button and follow the instructions.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your username and submit.
  3. Click on Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

There are 2 ways to verify access to the Transcript Delivery System:

  1. Login to e-Services. Select the organization you believe has access. On the main e-Services page you should see a link for the Transcript Delivery System. If you see it you have access. 
  2. Call the IRS e-Help Desk (1-866-255-0654) and ask them if you have access.

Many times individuals should have access to the Transcript Delivery System but it is not turned on in the IRS system. If you should have access the IRS e-Help Desk can assist you with getting it activated.

IRS e-Services Login Link

Once you sign up for an e-Services Account (see instructions above) register for an EFIN (Alternatively an EFIN holder can assign you as a Delegated User. See instructions below):

  1. Log into e-Services:Click Here 
  2. Click on “New Application” –> “e-File Application”
  3. If you are an EA, CPA or Tax Attorney who does not file tax returns select Business Type = Sole Proprietorship NO to the Do you have an EIN Question (Answer no even if your company has an EIN. You are signing up as an individual. If you sign up under an EIN you must have 5 E-Filed returns for any tax year.)
  4. Complete the rest of the application and make sure you submit it at the end with your PIN from your e-Service Account.
  5. Check back in e-Services once a week to check the application status (you will wait an extra couple of weeks if you wait for the letter in the mail). This process can take 1 week after tax season and 4-6 weeks at the start of tax season.
  6. You will not be able to submit the application until you confirm your e-Service Account when first signing up for e-Services.
  7. Any issues call IRS e-Help Desk 866-255-0654 or THS at 404-910-3605. We are happy to help.

IRS Instructions For EA, CPA & Attorney EFIN Registration

If your cell phone is not in your name you will have to request a confirmation letter be sent via US Mail during the registration process. This takes approximately one week. You may want to verify your address on record with the IRS e-Help Desk at: 1-866-255-0654. We have had users buy new cell phones in their names but this could take a couple of days (or longer) to show up in the verification system.

THS currently recommends all users install and retrieve the IRS Login Security Codes with the IRS2Go App. Sometimes you can get multiple texts and it is hard to tell which one is correct. The app solves that problem. Once the app is installed you can still receive texts. The app can only be installed on one phone at a time and it does not need to be on the same phone you verified at the IRS during registration. Here are the instructions to install the app and link it to your e-Services Account:

  1. Install the IRS2Go App on any Android or Apple Device from Google Play or the Apple App Store:
  2. Login here to get to the IRS E-Services Profile Security Page:
  3. Scroll down to the Security Section and click on “Set up IRS2Go Mobile App Authentication” and follow the instructions.

Tax professionals who have an EFIN can grant access to IRS Transcript Delivery System (TDS) to their employees as designated users. Designated Users can not get transcripts for the EFIN holder’s CAF number. The delegated users have to be listed on the 2848/8821 with their own CAF number.If an 8821 is submitted under the firms CAF number Delegated Users can request transcripts over the phone through PPL and have them placed in their SOR mailbox, but they can not access them directly through TDS. 

To assign a Delegated User:

  1. Log into e-Services e-Application portal:
  2. Once logged in select the EFIN to place the Delegated User under.
  3. Select “Authorized Users” and select “Add New”.
  4. Enter the Delegated User’s info and then follow the steps to save and submit.

Authorized Users


A 2848 is a Power of Attorney and an 8821 is a request for information. Usually you need to be an EA, CPA or Attorney to submit a 2848. The 2848 allows you to represent a taxpayer before the IRS. An 8821 is a request for information and can be assigned to whoever the taxpayer chooses. Anyone can get an 8821 assigned to them (The taxpayer signs the form authorizing access to their information).

IRS 2848/8821
Instruction Videos

This video shows how to create 2848/8821 in THS
This video shows how to fill out 2848/8821 best practices
This video shows how to submit 2848/8821 best practices

IRS Transcript Management System

The original program that requests, downloads, and analyzes IRS Transcript Data to find opportunities and issues with your client’s taxes.