THS IRS Transcript Tools Install

  • Click Install Button To Start.      ———————————>
  • Setup.exe file will be downloaded to your downloads folder
  • Click on the setup.exe file in your downloads folder and install will start.
  • The Product License Key is emailed to you. Check your spam folder and contact us if you did not receive.
NOTE: You should temporarily disable your anti-virus during the install.
THS is a Windows program only. Apple/MAC users can still use the product using Bootcamp or Parallels. If you are not able to use THS on your device please reach out for a refund.

By clicking Install you agree to the terms of the

 Licensing Agreement.

If you see this error (or any other error) during install you need to disable your Anti-Virus Software (including real time protection) temporarily and try to install again.

IRS Transcript Management System

The original program that requests, downloads, and analyzes IRS Transcript Data to find opportunities and issues with your client’s taxes.