Best Practice Meetings

Archived Best Practices Videos At Bottom Of This Page

Every two weeks Roger Nemeth, EA and President of THS Transcript Tools will conduct a  THS Best Practices Webinar. There will not be any education credit for these. 

With the current COVID Crisis changing how businesses operate and the fact that most trade shows have been cancelled for the year we are going to do multiple live events starting with the Best Practices Event. We will plan future events based on user feedback.

Best Practice Webinar
Thursday December 3, 2020 1-4 PM Eastern

TMG will be reviewing two cases in addition to answering any tax resolution or post filing questions you may have about your cases. The panelists this week will be Roger Nemeth, EA and Catharine O’Connor, Esq. Learn how to interpret the THS report for specific case examples and how to create a custom customer report.

Archived Best Practices Webinars

The test transcripts are a zip file. If you do not see them download check your Downloads folder and they should be there.

5-28-2020 Best Practices Pt 2 Demonstrating a 433A scenario in THS

5-28-2020 Best Practices Pt 1 Answering Users Questions